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Welcome on the gPascal Project Page

gPascal is a graphical IDE for Pascal, written in C using GTK+
It's actual purpose is the use in schools for education,
helping to teach the basics of structural development.

The project began, when we were learning Pascal in school,
ourselves, however we were using an old msdos IDE called turbo3.
Because it was very unhandy (you had to keep hotkeys in mind
and the compiler didnt even show you the line numbers of errors)
we started to write our own IDE. As compiler, we are using the
GNU Pascal Compiler, and the graphical development is done through GTK+.

Thanks to GTK+, gPascal can be used on GNU/Linux, Mac OS, Windows
and every other operating-system GTK+ is available for.

Copyright (C) 2007 - The gPascal Team
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